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Regional Vegetation Data
The Yolo Natural Heritage Program Regional Vegetation dataset is intended for regional planning of Yolo County; it should ONLY be used for regional planning purposes and not used for site-specific/project-specific analysis.

©Christine Alford, Vernal Pool

Yolo NHP Conservation Reserve Area Map

Yolo NHP Covered Species Occurrences Map

Yolo NHP Regional Vegetation Metadata (this gives a description of the vegetation dataset):

Yolo NHP Regional Vegetation Metadata

Yolo NHP Vegetation GIS Dataset (the data below should only be downloaded for use with a GIS, such as ESRI ArcGIS)

Icon of Zipped Format Yolo NHP Regional Vegetation - 27 MB Updated April, 2013

First Administrative Draft Plan

      Chapter 1. Introduction
         Chapter 1. Figures

     Chapter 2. Existing Ecological Conditions
         Chapter 2. Figures
         Chapter 2. Tables

      Chapter 3. Covered Activities
         Chapter 3 Figures

      Chapter 4. Impact Assessment and Take
         Chapter 4. Figures
         Chapter 4. Tables

      Chapter 5. Conservation Strategy
         Chapter 5. Figures
         Chapter 5. Tables

      Chapter 6. Adaptive Management and Monitoring Plan
         Chapter 6. Figures
         Chpater 6. Tables

       Chapter 7. Plan Implementation
         Chapter 7. Figures
       Chapter 8. Costs - Funding
       Chapter 9. Alternatives to Take

       Chapter 10. List of Preparers


       Entire Document (95 MB .zip file)

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